The Kalpeni Island lies between 10° 03′ and 10° 07′ N latitude and 73° 37′ and 73° 39’E longitude, having on area of 2.79 sq km. The Island is located at a distance of 287 km (155 nautical miles) from Kochi and located south-east of Kavaratti Island and midway between Andrott and Minicoy. It has a very large lagoon measuring about 2.8 km at the point of maximum width. The Island is aligned in the north-south direction.
One of the most beautiful islands of Lakshadweep , the Kalpeni island is situated at a distance of sixty three kilometers from Androth. An important place of tourist destination, Kalpeni offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore their sporting skills and sportsman spirit through the various water sports of the region.

For those who want a harmonious blend of fun mixed with an equal amount of adventure, Kalpeni islands presents them with a plethora of adventurous water sports. Endowed with the best gift of natural and scenic beauty, the Kalpeni islands is a perfect blend of traditional culture and modern infrastructural amenities.

Representing the varied ecology of the region, the Kalpeni island is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna along with many rare biological species of plants, animals and aquatic life. The golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea and the coral reefs of the Kalpeni island enthralls and enchants the tourists with its bewitching natural beauty. The splendid surrounding of the Kalpeni islands casts a magical spell on the tourists and captures the imagination of the poet.

The indigenous population of the Kalpeni island strictly adheres to the social norms and codes of conduct. The Kalpeni island boasts of a place of peaceful human existence. Signifying the cultural heritage of the region, the womenfolk of the Kalpeni island beautifully dress in the traditional attire of wrap around skirts, which are locally known as the Sarongs. The colorful and attractive folk dances of Kolkali and Parichakkali of the Kalpeni island portrays the artistic skill of the indigenous population.

Kalpeni, located 63 km south from Androth, is the most southeasterly of the Cannanore Islands. It consists of an elongated atoll formation with two main islands on its eastern side. The southern island of Kalpeni is the larger island at 2.28 km² in area. Cheriyam Island in the north is narrow with an area of 46 ha. A number of small islets are located on the lagoon side of Kalpeni.


The climate of Kalpeni is similar to the climatic conditions of Kerala. March to May is the hottest period of the year. The temperature ranges from 25oC to 35oC and humidity ranging from 70 -76 per cent for most of the year. The average rainfall received is 1600 mm a year. Monsoon prevails here from 15th May to 15th September. The monsoon period raises temperature to the mercury level between 27- 30 degrees. During the monsoon time, boats are not allowed outside the lagoon because of the violent sea. The presence of the reef maintains calm at the lagoon.

Island at a glance
Population (2011) 4419
Density (per 1548.
Access by Air and Sea from India,South-west coast.
Location 10°- 05* North Latitude 73°- 39* East longitude
Distance to Malabar coast 287 kms from Kochi
Total geographical Area 2.79 sq.Kms
Maximum Length
Temperature 32oC (Max.) to 28oC (Min.)
Humidity 70-75%
Highest Rainfall 241.8 mm.recorded in 24 hours
Literacy Rate 84.72