The Kadmat Island is long and narrow. It is only 0.57 km wide at the broadest point having maximum length of 11 km. It lies between 11° 10′ and 11° 16′ N latitude and 72° 45′ and 72° 48′ E longitude, having an area of 3.20 sq km. This island is at a distance of 407 km (220 nautical mil from Kochi and located between Amini Island in the south and Chetlat Island in the north.

It has lagoon on the western side, measuring about 2 km at the broadest point with a total area of 37. sq km. The island is flat, rising 2 to 3 m in the east and 2 to 4 m in the west above the sea level. high ridge of sand runs down the western side of the island and also there is a sand accumulati on the southern part of the island, giving rise to undulations. The northern side is flat.

Kadmath is 8 Kms long and 550 metres wide at the broadest point. In addition to the beautiful shallow lagoon on the west that forms an ideal spot for water sports, there is a narrow lagoon on the east. The best attractions are the long sandy beaches and small sand banks on the southern tip for sun baths. Kadmath has been identified for staying tourists with its tourist huts aesthetically situated in the coconut palm groves in the beaches facing the lagoon. The place is ideal for a real holiday that brings you away from the maddening crowd, hustle and bustle of city life. You will certainly learn the art of disembarkation on the island around noon on the second day of the 6 days Marine Wealth Awareness Programme tour.
You spend 3 days enjoying sea breeze and moonlit beach. Water sports crafts like kayaks, pedal boats, sailing yachts, skiing boats and glass bottomed boats are available on hire. The scuba diving centre in the island has become an attraction for water-sport enthusiasts.


The climate of Kadmat is similar to the climatic conditions of Kerala. March to May is the hottest period of the year. The temperature ranges from 25oC to 35oC and humidity ranging from 70 -76 per cent for most of the year. The average rainfall received is 1600 mm a year. Monsoon prevails here from 15th May to 15th September. The monsoon period raises temperature to the mercury level between 27- 30 degrees. During the monsoon time, boats are not allowed outside the lagoon because of the violent sea. The presence of the reef maintains calm at the lagoon.

Island at a glance
Population (2011) 5389
Density (per 1727
Access by Air and Sea from India,South-west coast.
Location 11°- 13* North Latitude 72°- 47* East longitude
Distance to Malabar coast 407 kms from Kochi
Total geographical Area 3.20 sq.Kms
Maximum Length 8 km
Width 550 meters
Temperature 32oC (Max.) to 28oC (Min.)
Humidity 70-75%
Highest Rainfall 241.8 mm.recorded in 24 hours
Literacy Rate 95.50