A bewitchingly beautiful and breath taking island in Lakshadweep. BANGARAM is uninhabited.It is surrounded by a shallow lagoon enclosed by coral reef.It has been ranked among the best gateways of the world.Here the sun,sand and surf in harmony casting a spell on the visitor.It offers utmost privacy unpolluted comfort with crystal clear water.Sparkling coral reef and blue lagoon perform magic on the soul searching traveller.Its a place where Hemingway would create a classic or a Van Goph would paint a masterpiece. And who knows the muse may inspire one to create too. A matchless sence of well being takes over and one begins to discover the graceful fishes,porcupines, parrots, pufferfishes, hermit crabs and sea birds on the vast 120 acres of lush coconut groves in BANGARAM. There are numerous adventures like scuba diving, beach games, swimming, snorkelling and deep sea fishing.The resort has 60 bedded beach cottages with a multi cuisine restaurant serving myriad delicacies. A well stocked bar is also available.AGATTI is the gate way to BANGARAM and is linked to Cochin for onward flights to metros.


The climate of the island is warm round the year.Rainfall is limited and the temparature during the monsoon is 25-27° C.

Island at a glance
Location: 10°- 56* North Latitude 72°- 17* East longitude,located 459 kms, from Cochin.
Population: uninhabited
Land Area: 2.30 sq.Kms.