Animal Husbandry

Lakshadweep is a single district Union Territory having 10 inhabited islands and 26 uninhabited islands situated in the Arabian Sea comprising of total land area 32 Sq.Km. The Lakshadweep is having cattle population of 2493, Goat 43188 and 226025, Poultry as per the 20th Livestock Census 2019. During late 1960 the people of Lakshadweep were unaware of the Animal Husbandry activities for the economic development of people.

The Animal Husbandry programmes in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep consist mainly of integrated poultry development, Goat/Cattle Development and Disease Control Programmes. In addition to veterinary services, Department has established demonstration farm, hatchery, etc in all islands to educate and promote local farmers in livelihood creation.

To encourage farmers in the Animal Husbandry activities and gainful employment, all demonstration farms, hatchery etc has been outsourced to private players with objective to create more economic activities.