An e-Governance Project for Ushering Objectivity   and Transparency in providing Employment and in Dynamic utilization of Human Resources

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Kum. Razia Beegum of Kavaratti receives the first digitised Employment Card from the Hon'ble Administrator Shri.B.V. Selvaraj.




The Union Territory of Lakshadweep is a group of 36 coral islands and islets of which 11 are inhabited. The Islands are scattered randomly in Arabian Sea about 220  to  420 Kms  from off Malabar Coast. These Islands are geographically isolated and each Island is almost like a country by itself.


This union territory is having a very high level of unemployment especially among educated youth. The percentage of unemployed persons registered in employment exchange is around 19.5% (12,700 registered out of 65,000 estimated population) of the total population. Employment opportunities in the private sector are very low. Because of the Geographical isolation educated youth do not get enough options. Lack adequate transport facilities and deficiencies in communications pose a major problem for the masses. It used to take around 8 days during normal season and 15 days during monsoon season to go to the employment exchange at Kavaratti and avail the services and returned to native islands.

Scope of the project

 This Project was, therefore, undertaken to bring employment services to the doorsteps of the people of Lakshadweep; and to provide accessibility, transparency and accountability in the employment exchange services. The project also envisages timely and systemic sponsoring of names to employers/ Government Departments.

Project Implementation

  • Employment exchange was brought under Local Area Network of the Administrator’s Secretariat.
  • Data relating to about 15,000 registrants were updated, re-codified under National Classification of Occupation, 2004.
  • A dedicated leased line was extended to Employment Exchange from the nearest NICNET node. Broadband facilities are limited in Kavaratti Island because of constraints of coordination and configuration between BSNL and ISRO.
  •  Virtual Employment Exchange was opened in all the Islands bringing in decentralization. Sub Divisional Officers were delegated with the powers of Additional District Employment Officers.
  • In outlying islands, there being no broadband facilities, the Employment Services Portal was accessed through NICNET, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) facilities. Limited ICT facility was optimized for achieving ‘last mile’ connectivity.
  • Thus, all the islands were digitally integrated on the platform of a special website of the Union Territory namely: (The website name being simple and easily memorable is significant as compared to the web address of the national Portal of employment services).
  • The Information Assistants of Information and Public Relations Department were given the additional responsibility in outlying islands for keeping records and issuing registrations. They were trained by NIC and made conversant and people friendly.  .
  • More than 400 new registrants have registered themselves after the digitization process was launched on 2nd April, 2007. Having gained confidence with the system, which required multiple checking and re-checking, now it has been decided to start a 24x7, round the clock call centre with the exclusive responsibility of marketing and sponsoring the candidature of registrants in India and abroad.
  • A corporation of the Administration, namely Lakshadweep Development Corporation Limited will run this service on semi- commercial lines to begin with. 

Factors that inspired success

  • There was continues dialogue with people’s representatives at Dweep Panchayat and District Panchayat Levels. The proposal was duly discussed in public and through media where the youth took keen interest in facilitating its success.
  • Designating eight Additional Employment Officers, users friendly Portal designed and developed by NIC specifically for these services and availability of reliable Internet access through the NIC VSAT were key factors for the success. Opening of eight “Virtual Employment Exchanges” in other islands and capacity building programmes to train the officials in remote islands played important role.
  • The highly literate Lakshadweep youth and notably the young women who were trained recently on computer literacy played a vital role in data entry and updation of information.
  • There was frequent co-ordination and review sessions at the level of Administrator, thereby continuously providing leadership and motivation for execution of the tasks. (The need for a strong political & administrative will for digitization of employment services is a real challenge which often becomes critical for success or failure of e- content).

Benefits accrued

  • Long chaotic queues in front of the employment exchange have become a thing of the past.

  • The process of registration and sponsoring of names for employment has become transparent and free from human manipulations.

  • Dispersed islands have virtually been integrated and eight ‘Virtual Employment Exchanges’ have started functioning with the existing manpower and infrastructure.

  • Need for physical travel by the user to Kavaratti for registration, renewal and for adding qualifications etc, are now not required resulting in savings of money and time.

  • Details about candidates are updated instantly into the live register.

  • Candidates get better opportunity to check their latest status, verify their details of registrations, etc, sitting at home.

  • Various statistical reports required can be now generated easily and up-to-date data are available.

  • Centralized management of the employment services and centralized accounting & monitoring removes ad-hocism.

  • The awareness about the benefits of Information Communication Technology has reached the poor and  even the uneducated people living in the remote and isolated islands.

Learning’s from the Project

    §         The use of right technology in the right place with appropriate administrative reforms can benefit the masses at base of the pyramid of the society.

    §         The web based services are most suited for hinterlands like Lakshadweep and other geographically isolated territories.

    §         Internet facilities bring mobility among youth to any part of the world removing physical constraints and sluggishness.

The Hon: Administrator inaugurates the total digitization by making online registration

Future Plans

  • Overseas Employment Services through this Portal

  • Introduction of Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) to get the status of registration etc.

  • Setting up of a call centre for Employment Services

  • Integration of live register and applications thru open notification and preparation of merit list


The persons associated with the project

v      Shri B.V. SELVARAJ, IAS,  


      U.T. of Lakshadweep

v      Sh. Ajith Brahmanandan     

Technical Director, NIC

v      Sh. K.P. Mohammed Koya 


v      Sh. A. K. Saxena                

District Employment Officer

v      Smt. K.K. Humaida Beebi  

            Scientific Officer, NIC


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