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  Salient Features  

     Increasing production and productivity of cash crops,intercropping of vegetable and fruits in coconut gardens with the use of biofertilizers and organic manures and intensive pest and disease control are envisaged. Social forestry for coverage of degraded non forest.

Plantation and sea shore protection.

Introduction of Mushroom growing and vanilla cultivation as new schemes for increasing income of people as well as export production.

Intensive cattle breeding in the private sector is not encouraged due to the fragile ecology of the islands and shortage of fodder. But small scale cattle rearing by progressive farmers is encouraged to harness milk requirements. Further shortage is to be met by direct import of fluid milk having long shelf life. Major thrust in live stock production programme is given to poultry development.

Maximum exploitation of hitherto unexploited sea around the islands by evolving and introducing new techniques so as to maximise the catch. Master Plan for Lakshadweep Islands for the development of fisheries will be implemented.

Marketing of agricultural produce of the islands like Copra, Coir and fishery products like Mas, sundried salted shark fish.

Strengthening of credit movement by involving Central Co.Op.Banks. Extension of Public distribution system and opening of a super bazar on the pattern of super markets in the metropolies.

Strengthening the newly established democratic institution of the island councils by providing financial assistance to various developmental schemes proposed and implemented by them.

Provide better transmission and distribution of electrical energy in all islands. Augmentation of generating capacity in islands to meet additional demand for power. The existing overhead lines of HT&LT will be converted into underground system to check frequent trippings due to very large number of coconut trees in the islands.

Installation of Solar Photo Voltaic power generating system,solar PV street lights, cookers,chullahs,battery powered vehicles and fuel briquetting plants. Utilisation of wind energy.

Expanding the capacity of Coir Fibre extraction units to fully utilise the coir husk available in the islands, so as to prevent its going waste,leading to degradation of environment and causing health hazards. Development of entrepreneurship and steps for consumer protection. Expanding capacity and modernising the existing hosiery unit.

Implementation of Master Plan for transportationsystem in the islands prepared by the expert committee set up by the Ministry of Surface Transport.Acquisition of medium capacity passenger ship, Cargo ships and providing Harbour facilities.

Popularisation of Science and Technology among inhabitants, protection of environment and Anti Sea Erosion measures for conservation of erosion affected islands.

Development of tourism while simultaneously maintaining and promoting the fragile eco-system of the islands.

Establishment of full fledged planning machinery supported inter alia by core statistical set up for drawing up schemes most suited to local conditions,their execution,supervision and monitoring.

Conversion of existing High School to plus two level education.

Strengthening of vocationalisation of education, promotion of adult education, expansion of Libraryservices.

Ensure primary health care, child health services, upgradation of PHC's to Community Health Centres and protected water supply system to cover all islands.

Establishment of Lakshadweep Building Materials Development Board and developing the Headquarter island into a small/medium town.

Modernisation of central press, starting of stationery manufacturing wing and opening Mini Presses.

Introducing fire protection and control units in all islands,for the first time.

As a preliminary to the preparation of IXth Plan the Planning Department is conducting Socio Economic Survey in Gandhi Block (Kiltan Block) and the same is extented to cover the remaining four blocks of the Union Territory. The IX Plan is likely to be projected based on the result of this survey and also the changes in the new economic policy of the Government of India.